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Driving Certificate and On-site Psychotechnical Examination (IMTOnline support)

Revalidate or replace the card in four steps:

Schedule medical and psychotechnical assessment

On-site medical and psycho-technical examinations

IMT Electronic Medical Certificate

IMT Online Submission

Rapid and immediate revalidation

Book your consultation and psychotechnical examination in person and be seen by appointment. 

You will take the driving psychotechnical test and be consulted by a doctor. 

At the end the electronic medical certificate and the result of the psycho-technical examination are issued and sent directly to the IMT Online portal and to your e-mail. You can immediately make your request for revalidation or replacement of your driving licence on the IMT Online portal, with the support of our helpdesk.

Does not include the IMTONline tax of £27 for drivers under 70 years of age and £13.5 for drivers over 70 years of age.

Who's it for?

Heavy Goods Vehicle and Passenger Vehicle Drivers: categories C, CE, D and DE;

Drivers of Light and/or Heavy Automobiles for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods: ADR;

Light Passenger Car Drivers: Taxis;

Drivers of Light and/or Heavy Automobiles for the collective transport of children: School transport;

Priority Vehicle Drivers: Ambulances, Fire engines and Patient Transport: Group 2 endorsement


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Rua do Conde de Redondo, 60, 1150 109 lisboa

Avenida Dom Dinis, 13, 2ª Esq, 2675-331 , Odivelas

Rua José Afonso n.º 7, 1.º Esquerdo 2810-237 Almada

Rua Ataíde Oliveira, nº 69 | 8000-220 FARO


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