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Traveler's consultation video couple +1 child

Consultation for 2 people - 35€ per person.
Consultation for groups more than 3 people - €30per person.
Family/group of 4 - 100€ (each additional person will cost 20€)

If you are part of a larger group please contact our chat for a new quote.

Video consultation for the traveller in three steps:

Book a traveler's video consultation

Video consultation from your
computer, tablet or mobile phone

Counselling, prescription of appropriate vaccination, examinations and medication.

How does it work?

Book your appointment and be seen at the appointed time from your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Your profile and history will be recorded by the health professional for continued follow-up.

Who's it for?

The traveler's consultation is recommended for those who will travel to countries that require adequate or compulsory vaccination.

In this consultation you will be informed about preventive (or curative) measures to adopt before, during and after your trip, depending on the destination, the trip and who you are travelling with.

These include:

- – Vaccination or preventive medication against multiple low risk or non-existent diseases in Portugal

- Information on personal hygiene and care of the water and food ingested

- The advice and prescription from the traveller's pharmacy that you can or should take with you

- Information on medical assistance, accident and safety risks or other in the destinations you are travelling to

- These consultations are extremely important for healthy travellers and in particular for pregnant women, children, the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases.


Dr Susana Silva

General Practitioner



Portuguese and English

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