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Toxic and Behavioral Addictions Consultation

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) has a significant impact on all aspects of the patient's life, including family, community, and employment. 

It is an uncontrollable desire to repeat the consumption of a psychoactive substance, influencing the psychological, social, professional, and family levels, leading to unsuccessful attempts to limit or stop consumption.
Opiates, alcohol, and other substances cause tolerance (decrease in the effect with the use of the usual dose), with a tendency to increase the dose to obtain the desired effect,

Who's it for?

All people with opiate, alcohol, gambling, tobacco or any kind of addiction

It is essential to approach these patients with addiction disorders in a holistic way, from the clinical interview to the therapeutic plan outlined for each situation.
Throughout the follow-up visit, we must reinforce progress, increase adherence to established goals and renegotiate new ones, as well as encourage regular follow-ups, which provide ongoing support.


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