Avoid suspended sales in pharmacies

Protect your health and your pharmacist's position with prescriptions from Dr.Online!

In recent years, advances in technology have made it easier to access various health services and care, including telemedicine. 

One of the video consultations offered by Dr.Online is the one that allows you to obtain prescriptions online. These consultations have the sole purpose of ensuring that patients receive the correct medication, following an assessment by a qualified health professional.

This innovation also comes as a response to the problem of suspended sales in pharmacies, a practice that can have serious implications for both pharmacists and patients.

What are suspended sales?

Suspended sales occur whenever prescription-only medicines (MSRM) are sold without the proper medical prescription. 

This practice, which may seem convenient and even an act of benevolence at first glance, carries with it a series of risks and disadvantages. 

Risks associated with suspended sales for your health

Firstly, self-medication can lead to incorrect use of drugs, resulting in situations of overdose, adverse reactions or harmful drug interactions - in most cases, the pharmacist is not aware of, nor does he have the means to access, the patient's clinical picture and history.

In addition, the lack of medical consultation and the misuse of certain drugs can delay diagnosis and appropriate treatment, often leading to a worsening of the individual's state of health.

Another negative aspect of suspended sales is the loss of state reimbursement for the price of medicines, a benefit only available through prescriptions, which inevitably significantly increases healthcare costs for patients. 

In more extreme situations, suspended sales can even contribute to cases of addiction and abuse.

Risks associated with suspended sales for your pharmacist 

From a legal point of view, pharmacists involved in suspended sales can be held liable for any complications the patient suffers due to a lack of medical advice. 

In addition, this practice can discredit the pharmaceutical profession and be at odds with national regulatory standards, which can result in serious penalties for the pharmacy. 

Let's be clear: a pharmacist's intransigence in not wanting to dispense a medicine that requires a prescription is an act of irreproachable professional ethics that defends not only his position but, above all, the health of those in front of him at the counter.

Avoid suspended sales with the help of Dr.Online

The solution to avoiding suspended sales is to use telemedicine platforms such as Dr.Online, where patients can request prescriptions online quickly and securely. 

This service ensures that medicines are dispensed according to the patient's medical needs, maintaining integrity and safety in the dispensing of medicines. It also promotes a more transparent and trusting relationship between pharmacists and patients, ensuring that public health is not compromised.

In short, it is crucial that suspended sales are avoided and that technology is used to ensure that the processes of prescribing and dispensing medicines are carried out in a safe and regulated manner. Dr.Online's online prescription service represents a positive step in this direction, promoting responsibility, ethics and safety in the management of individual and community health.



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