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- The same doctor for the whole family
- Medical leave (CIT)
- Free consultations every month
- No exclusions or waiting periods
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Exclusive advantages

The same doctor for the whole family

You and your family will be assigned a doctor who will accompany you in all your medical needs.

Clinical history of each member

At the first appointment, your doctor will get to know your medical history, which will be taken into account in all future interactions.

Direct contact with your doctor

If you have any questions about your appointment or a clinical situation that you need to alert your doctor about, you will be contacted directly.

I want a doctor.

For me

Valid for 1 member

Previous price €19.90

€9.90 /month

For us

Valid for 2 members

Previous price €29.80

€18.90 /month

For everyone

Valid for 3 members

Previous price €39.70

€27.90 /month

*Each extra member: €6.90

All options are guaranteed:

Family Doctor
* Valid for emergency consultations, renewal of prescriptions and certificates (does not apply to the in-person psychotechnical test for renewing driving licenses). already includes the offer of the first check-up consultation.
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Necessary elements

*Mandatory fields

Main Services

General practitioner consultations

Talk to your doctor quickly, on the day and time of your choice

Check-up appointment

Assess your health and get prescriptions for tests and analyses

Specialty appointments

Clarify your doubts with specialized doctors

Mental health consultations

Get psychological help from professionals, without leaving home

Renew your recipes

After a quick consultation, receive your prescriptions electronically

Medical certificates including sick leave

Get your medical certificate by email after a clinical assessment

HelpDesk support

Clarify your doubts and get help with your appointments

Personal Area

Manage your appointments and information in your personal area

Exclusive benefits

Health first.

This is the opportunity to have an online doctor dedicated to you and your family, who will take your medical history into account and be available whenever you need them, whether it's to answer questions, prescribe tests and analyses or prescribe medication.

Dr.Online® is the leader in online medicine in Portugal and has a comprehensive range of medical specialties and qualified health professionals, available from anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I book a free consultation every month?

Yes, each member of the plan will be given a monthly discount code which can be used to book free appointments. Free consultations are only valid for emergency consultations, prescription renewals and certificates (with the exception of in-person psychotechnical tests for driving licenses).

2How can I take advantage of the discounts?

After subscribing to your plan, you will have access to a client area where you can view appointments at the plan's exclusive prices and make your bookings.

3How is payment made?

Payment is monthly and is made by direct debit.

4How long is the plan valid for?

The plan is valid for 12 months, with automatic renewal. Renewal can be canceled with notice up to 30 days before the subscription renewal date.

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